AC Consulting

Antenna and microwave technologies


Consultancy, design, manufacturing and test of antenna and microwave components


All design tools constituted by own software modellising

a) Filters (waveguide H or E-plane, antenna diplexers, coupling irises for circular cavities)
b) Microwave components (H or E-plane couplers, shifters and bends, beamforming networks in waveguide)
c) Antenna components (circular guide polarisers, H or E-plane OMTs, corrugated horns)
Manufacturing using space-qualified aluminium or Invar and test using a computer-controlled HP 8510C up to 40 GHz 

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Fig. 1 – High power lowpass filter for tests use 

Fig. 2 – 20 GHz Butler-like 6-port combiner/divider

Fig. 3 – High power Ku-band E-plane OMT for satellite use